Track your Crypto Projects the Easy Way

With Apefy you can now optimize your time by tracking your favourite crypto projects and following their performance in one place.

Forget about opening different windows or browsing back and forward to monitor different projects.


Here are a few reasons why you should use Apefy


Follow all your favourite projects in one place

Add & Remove

Add & Remove any crypto project to Apefy

Custom Tabs

Organize your projects in different tabs

Easy Visualization

Visualize the potential of any project by comparing their data in one place

MarketCap Calculation

Calculate the value of a Crypto projects with the MarketCap of another project

Export & Import Data

Export & import your data from/to your local computer

Crypto Market News

Get access to our selection of crypto market news updates


Here are some of the feedback from our users

I Love this application it makes my mind rest having all my crypto in one location, I no longer have to keep bookmarking them in my exchange. I also use Apefy to see what projects are profitable in the long term.


This is a great addon to my brave extensions, very simple interface to use, you can’t lose focus on the best tokens especially with a comments section were you can add your own notes


This is a great extension guys! it saves me a lot of time. Just do not miss to export your data locally so you can restore it whenever needed! brilliant!



Find the answers to commonly asked questions

Apefy extension has free and premium plans. With the Free version your are limited to only 5 projects, while with the premium you can add up to 250 crypto projects.

During the Beta phase, you can sign up and get access to the premium plan for FREE.
Chrome extensions are also compatible with Brave browser, so if you are a Brave browser user you can install the extension without any problem.
The extension is not available on mobile and there is not plan to develop a mobile app yet. The idea is to simplify the daily job for computer and laptop users.
In order to guarantee a maximum of privacy we do not synchronize your data with our servers. All your data are saved to your local machine via your browser. Therefore, it is important to back up your data regularly to avoid a data loss in case your browser crashes.
Backing up data is an important action you need not to miss. To do so, go to Settings located on the top right of the Apefy extension and click Export.

In the event you want to Restore your data or use them on another computer or send them to a third party, you can simply use the button Import and voilà, all your data will be imported.
You can share the extension with your friends and bring attention on social media. Donations are also more than welcome, you can donate simply by clicking on the Donate button below.

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